Selecting a soundtrack

Sourcing licensed music for your films

For those who work in the creative fields, our work is our livelihood.  That’s why it’s really important to make sure that you only use works with permission, particularly in a time when many creative jobs that rely on venues are becoming scarce.

The rules for the Co-Video Film Festival state that all material must be original, including sound recordings, or used under the appropriate license (for example, Creative Commons).  This page will help you work out what option is best for your film/animation.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons was created in order to make it easier for people to share their work with others and control under what conditions it happens.  For example, the CC-Attribution license says that the creator allows you to use a creative work so long as that you give credit to the creator (for example, in the end credits of your film.)

Read more about the different Creative Commons Licenses.

There are many places that you can search for creative commons music for your film or animation.  One of these is the Free Music Archive.  The best way to find a soundtrack on this website is to click on the Genre button and then the name of the music file that you want to use.  The creative commons license will be on the track page; click on the image to find more information about the license.


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